Well, I am. I mean, is anyone even out there?  Does anyone even still know that I even have a blog?  Seriously.  It’s only been like…a year.

But, I’m not going to let myself apologize or anything and I’m going to endeavor to not let myself feel guilty about it. Instead we shall just move forward.  Yes, forward is always the direction to go.

Okay – well, you have Anita really to blame for this post. And, fair warning, it will have no pictures.  Will anyone even read a blog with no pictures?  Hmmmm…guess we’ll see.   But, I have been reflecting on the reasons I started a blog in the first place. And now that I have a sister states away (okay, maybe only 1 state in between, but still…) and a best friend across an ocean, perhaps its time to revisit.

But, I’m not going to try to catch up.  I won’t even do that to myself.   So, let’s just start here…

Welcome to 2013!

We’re good, thanks.  How are you?

Hubby is continuing through his library degree. We are in the final stretch, as he will be DONE in December of this year.  I can hardly believe it.  He’s so amazing. He recently became the History Subject Selector at work, which means he is responsible for deciding which History books the library orders.  He still also works in ordering and many other things.

MissE is in Kindergarten and loves the challenge.  She’s in a Charter school hybrid program which allows her 3 days in school and 2 days of home study.  It is the perfect balance for our family.  Perfect. We love it. She is also taking piano lessons and just had her first recital last month. Its a little group class of 3 and she loves it.  She’s a reader now and still as busy and precocious as ever.

Little Man – J- is 19 months old and a big guy. We’re talking 3T pjs.  He’s my tanks, but is generally a happy guy.  (Except when he’s teething…but I don’t want to talk about that now.)  He loves music, a lot, and already sings 3 or 4 distinguishable songs.  He loves “choo-choos” (cars, trains, boats – all choo-choos) and is just starting to get to where he’s really talking.  He’s my buddy.

Me?  Oh, well.  I’m the same. Still Primary President. Still trying to figure out how to stretch money further. Still trying to learn new things. In fact, I’m learning to embroider – and am quite excited about it.  I’m still trying to read, but mostly that happens in the car waiting to pick up E from school or by booklight too late at night.

So, anyway. There we are.  Good to see ya.  I’ll try to be back. But I won’t promise pictures…

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4 thoughts on “Shocked?

  1. This is terribly overdue since I’ve been bad at READING blogs, but it’s fun to have an update on your family! Glad you’re all doing well. :)

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