Sneaking Up On Food Storage

I must admit something – food storage scares me.  Okay, maybe scares is the wrong word.  Maybe the correct word is more like “daunts” (is that a word?) or “overwhelms” me.  Really.  I really so many times have felt like I didn’t even know where to begin. 

But, as I’ve been cooking more and more from scratch, I’m finding that I’ve been, inadvertently, sneaking up on food storage. 

It stated with the discovery of soy flour as an egg substitute.   I rarely use eggs in my baking now, which means less eggs to buy.  Eggs aren’t always on sale for a great price, and soy flour is definitely cheaper.  So, in the end, it saves me money.  Win win.

Then, I became fascinated with the idea of butter powder.  Many of my recipes also call for butter, which can also add up when you’re cooking a lot from scratch.  After som research, I decided to go for it.  I bought a #10 can of butter powder from Emergency Essentials and have started replacing the real butter in my baking with it.  I’ve only used it a few times so far, and I will be the first to admit that I’m very much still working out the kinks.  But, I’m excited about the prospect.

And then my newest thing I want to try:  sour cream powder.  I know, I’m crazy, huh?  But, I have a decent amount of recipes that call for sour cream and usually end up buying enough over the course of the month, that I think this in the long run would be cheaper. And, guess what, Emergency Essentials is having a sale on it this month.

Powdered (substitute) eggs, powdered butter, powdered sour cream…my pantry is starting to look like…

food storage.  Who knew? 

Happily though, but only buying it to use it, I know it’s getting rotated and I’m not buying stuff just to sit on a shelf and never be used.  Yeah, I guess I’ll find away to make food storage work for me after all. 


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2 thoughts on “Sneaking Up On Food Storage

  1. If you can ever get your hands on some Morning Moo powdered milk, buy it. It is the best ever. Pricy but the powder makes a bunch of good tasting milk that my kids don’t balk at pouring over their breakfast.

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