May’s Freezer Cooking Plan

Very few things excite me more than getting my menu planned for the month.  Yes, for the month (including weekend breakfasts and lunches).  It is so nice to have it finished and ready to go.  Once the menu is on paper, I get to sit down and figure out what my cooking plan is for my freezer day.  This month, I am lucky enough to have a freezer with quite a few things left in it.   Since I don’t have too many main meals to prepare, I thought I would attempt to make some more side dishes and breakfasts this time around.  So, here is the plan (full of links for those of you interested…)

2 Pot Pies

Freezer Hashbrowns, Mashed Potatoes, and Fries

Meatloaf, Meatballs, and Hamburger Patties

Lasagna (Can’t wait to try this one!)

Layered Mexican Chicken Casserole


Pizza Dough x3

Macaroni and Cheese and Spaghetti Casserole

French Toast Sticks, Breakfast Cookies, Biscuit Mix, and maybe Breakfast Pockets

Should make for a fun day this Friday!  I have decided though that in the future, freezer cooking day would be so much more fun with company.  Anyone game?

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6 thoughts on “May’s Freezer Cooking Plan

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  2. The fries link isn’t coming up…can you relink it? My next session is going to be sides & breakfast and would love to see the fries recipe!

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