Couponing – My Way

There are about a billion ways to coupon.  When I first got into coupons, I started with just a small accordion file.  After a few months and a couple of other organizational techniques, I moved to the coupon binder.  Have you seen those?  Yeah, I had one.  It was about as big as my diaper bag. 

After a while though, I realized that something wasn’t working for me.  I had cupboards full of food, but it wasn’t necessarily stuff I felt I could make meals out of and that I had bought just because I got it at such a great deal.  It was definitely a problem.  So, I layed off coupons until I could use up my stores.  It took a while. 

When everything was pretty much gone, I started to rethink how I shopped and how I cooked.  I started making things from scratch and decided that I really didn’t need all those box mixes and such.  I could make these things myself for not much more effort than from the box. 

And then it was to find out how coupons work in my make from scratch (most of the time) world.  I’ve cut way way way down on the number of coupons I use, that’s for sure.  Coupons for toiletries are a must, but for food?  Well, now its just a few coupons looking for great sales on meat, dairy, and pantry staples (like oil and spices). 

You know what…I’m actually spending less per month on groceries now than I was when I was a hard-core couponer. 

Coupons are great and I totally think they have their place, and finding out how they work best for you is so important.  Only then can you strike the balance necessary to save the money you want and make things work the way they work best for you.


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5 thoughts on “Couponing – My Way

  1. I totally agree, and I’m an avid couponer! I’ve also done several ways of storing my coupons. Right now I have a mini-binder that is small enough to carry with me. It wouldn’t work for a big family, but since it’s just four of us now (my two older ones have moved out), I don’t need to buy a bazillion things.
    Not only that, but I really can’t fit one single thing more in either my chest freezer or the freezer part of my fridge. Seriously! That’s another thing you have to keep in mind as far as couponing–no matter how good a deal it is, unless you have a place to put it (or you can give it away to someone), don’t buy it. Taking an inventory every few months (at least) is essential, or you end up with 17 tubes of toothpaste (gotta love those CVS deals) and no shampoo, LOL!

  2. I hope to someday get coupon-ing off my “I don’t…” list. :) It’s still a few steps away, though. (Must have space to not loose said coupons first. hahaha!)

  3. Okay, so let me ask you this: what are some examples of things you make from scratch that you didn’t before? The idea of not wasting an hour every Sunday pouring over coupons and searching out deals has promise if I can find a way to save even more by cooking from scratch. I just don’t know what I’m doing.

  4. Couponing is really an art. There is one VERY IMPORTANT step that many don’t see — About 1 or 2 weeks before the coupon expires is when the big sell is on that product and you get to use the coupon and really save!

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