What did I read in March?

My goal to read 42 books this year is progressing well.  In fact, I think I just might surpass it if I keep up this pace.  As I only needed to read a couple of books in March to be 1/4 to my goal, I decided to attempt a few more classics that were a bit “harder” reads.  And, then – surprisingly, I finished 5 books in March!!!  So – here’s books #9-13. 

#9 – The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum


I must candidly admit that I did not terribly care for this book.  I read it because I love the movie and had often wondered about the original story.  I found the book very busy and the end of the Wicked Witch much less satisfying than the original.  I had though that if I had liked the book, I might read more of the Oz books – but now, I think we’ll just let them be.

#10 – Sense and Sensibility  by Jane Austen


I read Sense and Sensibility as a young teenager, and I honestly didn’t remember much from the book.  But, I loved the Emma Thompson movie.  Then, I saw the new movie that the BBC put out and I found myself curious as to which was more accurate.  After reading the book again, enjoying it, and thinking that she should really give you the proposal scene, I’ve decided the following.  The Emma Thompson movie is more true to the literal book when it comes to lines of dialogue, etc.  The new BBC version (my preferred) is more true to the spirit of the novel.   So there you go.

#11 – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl


At this point in March I realized that I was reading yet another book turned movie.  Well, what can I say, I was on a roll.  This was a wonderfully easy read that took me about a day to get through.  I wish I had read it as a child though, I think I really would have enjoyed it better.  That said, still totally worth reading and worth keeping on my bookshelf for children in the future.

#12 – Mansfield Park by Jane Austen


Mansfield Park has long been the missing novel in my Jane Austen repertoire.  No longer.  I had started the book once before, but become so lost and confused by the character names and who was whom, that I gave up.   Well, it, sadly, took me about 100 pages to get everyone  straight, but after that point I really loved this book!  My favorite Austen had always been Northanger Abbey due to its playful nature.  However, I think Mansfield might have given it a run for its money.  I’m going to have to read them back to back someday and decide.  Only, next time I read Mansfield, I’m going to do myself a favor and do what I did when I read Wuthering Heights – create a family pedigree of characters to keep everyone safe.

#13 – What’s in a Word by Webb Garrison 

This book I received from booksneeze to read and review.  See my thoughts on it here

For a complete list of everything I’ve read in 2010 as well as links to my thoughts on the book – visit my Books Read in 2010 page. 

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6 thoughts on “What did I read in March?

  1. I totally agree with you about Mansfield Park! It took a couple tries to get into it, but once I was, I was hooked! It’s one of my favorites of hers! Fanny is my hero!

  2. I LOVE Jane Austin. I have her complete works, and have read it several times. I think Lady Susan is one of my least favorite books that she wrote. Jacob just bought me several books for my birthday! It’s my standard present from him for every holiday, and I love it! I like L Frank Baum too. I love all the stories he wrote about OZ. I just re-read The Patchwork Girl one day last week. Most people don’t know there is a huge series of books written by him about OZ. How fun that you are keeping track of all the books that you are reading this year.

  3. Visiting from Life as MOM: TOTALLY agree with your assessments of the OZ book (I had the same experience), Emma (though I’m a sucker for the movie over the book – I think Austen books become great movies!), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (I read it at least once every couple of years and I would recommend that you read “Willy Wonka and the Great Glass Elevator” – LOVE IT!), and Mansfield Park (my all-time favorite Austen novel). It’s always nice to find someone with similar tastes in books! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say that “Northanger Abbey” is their favorite Austen novel. I haven’t read it or Mansfield Park in a while so I’ll have to read them again. My favorites are Pride and Prejudice followed by Persuasion.

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