I Make It Myself: Detangling Spray

It is always interesting to discover that some things are actually easier to make yourself.   And odds are – they are cheaper too.  Always a bonus. 

Remember the hair on my little girl? 

Yeah.  Curly enough to get into some wicked tangles.  She doesn’t like to wear it up and she hates to have it brushed.  I had a bottle of detangling spray sitting around and when that was gone, I mourned that I would have to buy more at $4 a bottle.  Are you kidding me?  I thought – I’ve got to be able to make this stuff. 

It didn’t take much time on google to find the answer.  And, so now the bottle is holding homemade detangling spray.  What did I do?  Oh, so simple.  Conditioner and water.  I didn’t take the exact measurements from the original site (and I don’t even remember where it was) as I needed to fit it into my bottle.  I just squirted a couple of squirts of conditioner into the bottle and filled it 2/3 with water and shook.  Then, I tested it.  Too goopy?  More water.  Not detangling – more conditioner.   Easy Peasy. 

You know what else detangling spray is good for – rescuing doll hair that’s gone beyond crazy.  I have it on the best authority that the homemade stuff actually works better than store bought!

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7 thoughts on “I Make It Myself: Detangling Spray

  1. Karlyn uses diluted apple cider vinegar (2 Tbs or so of vinegar to 1 C water) for conditioner. Other types of vinegar probably work as well. And no, your hair doesn’t end up smelling like vinegar (you rinse it out, silly). Since you don’t rinse this spray out, perhaps it wouldn’t work.

    Along those lines, I’ve used baking soda for shampoo for several years and like it better than anything else I’ve used. You can make it in solution, about 2 Tbs per cup again, or you can mix a thick paste, get some on your fingers, and run it through your hair. Note: you have to let the baking soda sit for a few minutes before lathering and washing it out, and it won’t lather as much as normal shampoo. It doesn’t work for Karlyn, but does well for short hair.

    • You don’t need to rinse vinegar out – it stops smelling after a few minutes. Also, it doesn’t work as a detangler. ;-)

  2. Oh my GOSH KIM… You just saved my life! I have been having the same dilemma with Lucy’s hair and I am so sick of buying detangler! It’s so dang EXPENSIVE!!!!! This is brilliant! I’m off to go make some right now! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  3. great idea! I’ll be using that as soon as our current stuff runs out. I bit of conditioner, rubbed in like lotion, on dry hair is also good to protect those blond curls in the harsh sun.

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