Finding the Frugal Balance

The list of things I could be doing to live frugally and providently is a long one.  Between gardening and canning, couponing and sales, hanging laundry and homemade laundry soap, the list goes on and on and on.  It seems that there is always something else I could or should be doing. 

But, then again, is there?  Is it really possible for me to do everything?  And even if it is, is it wise?


Probably not.

My dad loved to share this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson with us as children:  “That which we persist in doing becomes easier, not that the task itself has become easier, but that our ability to perform it has improved.”  I find in this quote the ability to reach my most provident potential.  I can’t be an amazing self-sufficient person overnight, no matter how badly I’d like to be.  But, I can get there eventually.  In my own journey, I’ve seen great progress.  Starting with clearance and dollar stores, adding in coupons, homemade laundry soap, and then to pricebooks and freezer meals, my frugal ability has increased.  And I it will continue to do so.

But, only if I am careful to only add another stone to a tower already balanced.  So, gardening, canning, and improving my sewing are just going to have to wait.  And, when I add another to my tower, I’ll be ready for it. 


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6 thoughts on “Finding the Frugal Balance

  1. You know, I never thought of it all that way. You are so wise! Why do we feel guilty if we don’t ‘do it all’? I’ve learned to put things aside if they don’t work for me and my family, no matter much others may rave about an idea. For example, I have tried to make my own pizza dough and tortillas. I just didn’t enjoy it or like the results. Now we use pizza dough from the pizza parlor and I buy tortillas from the store (Trader Joe’s is my favorite).
    I’m an avid couponer (my friends call me a “Coupon Monster”) but I can understand why others don’t want to do this. Some things, no matter how awesome on the surface, are just ‘rocks’ that are too rough to balance!

  2. No, it is impossible to do it all. I still don’t have a price book. And I only follow the deals at three stores. That is all I can manage right now. You’re right, all these things do take practice…I’m getting better at some of them. Great post!

  3. (pssst! typo. last sentence. missing a word I think.)
    (not whispering anymore)
    Love this! What a great Frugal Friday post. :) You’re such a great example of balance and simplicity and not overdoing – all the more so because I know your true do-it-all-and-do-it-perfectly nature. ;)

  4. Good post. One can always do more I guess, but we should just be happy for the things we get done and take on more in our own tempo. No matter what, it will always better than when we started out.

    I’ll check in on your posts again, for sure

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