Frugal Pantry Storage

I spent today discovering the bulk bins at WinCo.  After seeing the pricebook work done by a friend, I was amazed and pleased to discover that many of WinCo’s bulk goods are priced even lower than the rock bottom sale prices at other stores.  Sweet!  Storage, however, poses a problem as bulk items do not come with packaging.

What to do?  What to do?  Hmmm…well, there is always this solution:

Unfortunately though, I don’t have a ton of extra containers hanging out.   I have been on the look out at thrift stores for a little while, but no luck there.  And then there was the fact that I kinda needed something now

So, before we left WinCo, I thought I’d peruse the food storage isle and just see if there was anything 1)cheap and 2) that gave me a brilliant idea. 

And then I saw the Mason Jars.   And now I have these in my pantry cupboard.

Yes!  I know I probably could have found them used at a  thrift store or freecycle or something, but as is, I got 12 jars for under $10.  Which, even without a calculator, I know is less than $1 per mason jar.  I bought the wide mouth quart size to make filling and using the contents even easier.  And I LOVE how they fit in my cupboard.  I was tempted to move everything in there into these wonderful jars.  I resisted. :D

Who knew that my simple solution to a silverware holder (because I lack drawer space) would turn into my favorite pantry canisters? Yay for a good ol’ fashioned mason jar!


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7 thoughts on “Frugal Pantry Storage

  1. I love the bulk bins at Winco – I get all my rice, flour, sugar, spices, pasta, and some snacks in bulk! And the mason jars..what a great idea! I think I may have to copy that!

  2. I use mason jars for my silverware also and wanted to warn you about possible breakage. I have lost a couple of jars that I kept my butter knives in so I switched over to a plastic tumbler for those. HTH!

  3. Oh, my gosh, I love how you store silverware in them! Awesome!
    I have lent my mason jars to my kids as they take soup home with them–I need to get them back, LOL! Keep checking the thrift store and (when the season is warm enough) garage sales and you will surely find more jars. I love the things, LOL!

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